Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What is the general plan and what will this measure change?
    A: The General Plan is a planning guideline to a city's future development goals and identifies for what activities a parcel of land is zoned. The zoning regulations outline if a parcel is supposed to be a single family residence, or a commercial property and how those properties can be altered. The proposed ballot measure would remove the possibility of local government to change the zoning permits, and would require a vote of the people for any project that changes the intensity.
  • Q: Has our city amended the general plan too often?
    A: No the city council has only amended the project a few times, and for projects that improve the city like the following projects: the Towncenter Shopping Center, improvements along Mission Gorge, the San Diego Christian College, the Lantern Crest Senior Community, the Town Center Corporate Park, Santee Aquatic Center, and the Santee YMCA.
  • Q: If I own property in Santee, how does this affect me?
    A: If you want to make any changes to your property that “intensify” use, you will have to pay for an expensive citywide election and win support from a majority of Santee voters.
  • Q: how will the measure interfere with planned improvements in Santee?
    A: Several planned improvements are threatened by the ballot measure, including the new movie theater in Town Center, Karl Strauss Brewery, and the Sharp Medical Offices in Santee.
  • Q: How will this Measure affect traffic?
    A: Passage of the measure would eliminate all the planned projects for SR-52 improvements and would increase traffic congestion and delays for Santee commutters. It would eliminate $66 million of sorely needed funds for traffic improvements in the city and SR-52.
  • Q: Would hospitals and churches also be affected?
    A: Yes! Any of the hospitals and churches will be required to pay for an expensive citywide election and receive approval from voters. The uncertainty and expense of these elections would prevent proposals from even coming forward.
  • Q: Who is backing this measure?
    A: Van Collinsworth, and his organization Preserve Wild Santee have sought to stop improvements in Santee for 30 years. They opposed Trolley Square, Phil’s Barbecue, Town Center, and other popular improvements in Santee. Van has gone on the ballot three times to convince voters to adopt his extreme, no growth policies. Each time, we Santee voters have rejected his proposals by a margin of 2:1. Now he is trying for the 4th time, with a deceptively worded initiative. Deceptively written to prevent a bright future for Santee.